Department of Botany

Department of Botany


The Scientific study of plants is called botany. As we know the study of plants is vital because they underpin almost all animals’ life on earth by generating a large proportion of oxygen and food that allow humans and other organisms with aerobic respiration to exist. Plants are crucial to the future of human society as they provide food, oxygen medicine and products for people, as well as creating and preserving soil.

In botany we study different branches of science concerning with plants, such as plant pathology, bacteriology, mycology, Plant breading, plant biochemistry, genetic engineering, plant physiology, genetics, molecular genetics, evolution, horticulture etc. The graduate of botany are working in various field of life, such as in education, research organization, forestry, agriculture wild life, tissue culturing, genetic engineering.

Due to above mentioned importance, department of botany started BS 4-year Program in 2010 in Government Postgraduate College been women Multan, which has now been upgraded to offer BS 4-year Program of studies under women university Multan. Curriculum has been developed under the guideline of Higher education commission to cover all the recent areas of botany. Teaching laboratories in the institute are reasonably equipped with scientific equipment. An adequate collection of text books and reference book is available in the library. Department has qualified faculty.


  • BS (4 years)
  • MS (2 years)       


The Scope of botany deals with the course content of plant sciences and the utility of plants in relation to mankind. The course content of botany is so vast that the number of branches covering it is on the increase. Branches like morphology, anatomy, histology and cytology give us an idea about what plants are, and to what extent they are diverse. The scope of botany also includes the benefits derived from the plant world. The entire living world, espe­cially man, is directly or indirectly de­pendent on plants. Botany, along with its allied branches, provides employment op­portunities. It is a prerequisite for studying medicine or pharmacy. There is also enormous employment scope in agriculture, horticulture, for­estry, etc.


  • Develop high quality professionals and scientists that are committed to pursuit of excellence and are endowed with vision, courage and dedication.
  • Improve academic standard in this region.

Botanists are capable of making significant contribution in the areas of research organizations, genetics, forestry, agriculture, horticulture, bio technology, plants breeding and plant pathology.


BS Botany                           Credit Hours=136

Duration                               4 years


1. Ms. RiffatAnis (Dean/Chairperson)
MSc (PU)
2. Ms Mussarat Tahir
Associate Professor
MSc (PU)
3. Gulshan Zubair
Assistant Professor
MSc (PU)
4. Dr. Farrah Raheel
Assistant Professor (PhD)
5. Dr. Adeela Haroon
Assistant Professor
PhD (PU)
6. Dr. Shazia Jabeen
Assistant Professor
PhD (UP)
7.Ms Sadia Bashir
M.Phil (BZU)
8.Ms Hussan Bano
M.Phil (BZU)