Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry


The Department of Chemistry was established in 1953 and was working under the umbrella of Government Post Graduate College Multan, which has now been upgraded to offer BS(4-year) program of studies under Women University Multan. M.Sc., M.Phil/MS and Ph.D programs will hopefully be offered from next years. Curricula have been developed under the guideline of Higher Education Commission to cover all the recent areas of Chemistry. Department has qualified faculty with diversified fields of interest. It has four divisions. A          Inorganic Chemistry Division B          Organic Chemistry Division C          Physical Chemistry Division D          Biochemistry Division The Department houses different laboratories equipped with different equipments. It has a library with number of books in different fields.


  • BS (4-years) Semester System
  • BS (4-years)
  • MSc (2-years)
  • MPhil/MS (2-years)

               OBJECTIVES The Department of Chemistry is committed to

    • Quality Education.
    • Develop students to understand about the world.
    • Create logical approach through skills and tools
    • Develop confidence in their abilities.
    • The persuasion of truth, knowledge and its implementation.

    It aims to

      • Develop high quality professionals and scientists that are committed to pursuit of excellence and are endowed with vision, courage and dedication.
      • Improve academic standard in this region.
      • Chemists are capable of making significant contribution in the areas of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and related fields.


  • BS Chemistry                          Credit Hours=140
  • Duration                                      4 Year


Sr. No: Name of Faculty Member Designation Status
1 Prof. Dr. Samia Khakwani Professor Ph.D Deputation
2 Dr. Muhammad Arif Retd. Professor Ph.D WUM Faculty
3 Ms. Farzana Akram Professor M.Phil. Deputation
4 Ms. Sajida Rizwan Associate Professor M.Sc. Deputation
5 Ms. Lubna Arshad Associate Professor M.Sc. Deputation
6 Ms. Anwar Zaffar Associate Professor M.Sc. Deputation
7 Ms. Sakina Saeed Associate Professor M.Sc. Deputation
8 Ms. Naila Imtiaz Ishfaq Associate Professor M.Sc. Deputation
9 Dr. Sara Musaddiq Assistant Professor Ph.D WUM Faculty
10 Dr. Samina Aslam Assistant Professor Ph.D WUM Faculty
11 Dr. Adeela Saeed Assistant Professor Ph.D WUM Faculty
12 Ms. Abida Ashraf Assistant Professor M.Phil. Deputation
13 Ms. Tahira Saleem Lecturer M.Phil. Deputation
14 Ms. Sadia Iqbal Lecturer M.Phil. WUM Faculty
15 Ms. Warda Hassan Lecturer M.Phil. WUM Faculty
16 Ms. Sehrish Mehdi Lecturer M.Phil. WUM Faculty
17 Dr. Fouzia Tabassum Post Doc Fellowship Ph.D WUM Faculty
18 Ms. Tanzila Rehman Lecturer M.Phil. WUM Faculty
19 Ms. Javeria Zahra Lecturer M.Phil. WUM Faculty
20 Ms. Farhat Sattar Lecturer M.Phil. WUM Faculty