Institute of Computer Science & Information Technology

Institute of Computer Science & Information Technology


The department of IT in Govt. Post Graduate College for Women, Multan was established in 2000 under the public private partnership deed of the Govt. of Punjab Higher Education Department. The administration introduced BS-IT in September 2010. After the emergence of The Women University Multan, the  institute of Computer Science and Information Technology BS in computer Science was started in 2013,  is a full fledge institute with currently six faculty members consist of two assistant professors and four lecturers well versed to conduct research activities at national and international level.


  • BS(CS) Bachelor of Science in computer Science (4 years Program)
  • BS(IT) Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (4 years Program)
  • MCS. Master  in Computer Science (2 years Program)
  • A wide range of short courses and diplomas in IT and computer usage for office workers and house wives as well.


The fields of the computer Science and Information Technology are very huge and also increasing its scope day by day. As computers are being used in every department and domain now, Computer specialists are continuously been sought after for maintenance and innovation pertaining to those computer enabled services. Computing professionals may find themselves in a variety of environments in academics, research, industry, government, private and business organizations — analyzing problems for solutions, formulating and testing, using advanced communications or multi-media equipment, or working in teams for product development.


The University is entrusted with the responsibility of producing culturally enlightened, technologically knowledgeable, academically competent and research-oriented female graduates who are prepared to lead, inspire and preserve our great traditions. The University commits itself and all its resources to this trust and responsibility.  The purpose is to make university a thriving hub of educational research and knowledge creation in modern technologies and IT.

  • The objective of the institute of Computer Science and Information Technology is to provide technology leadership, expertise and services in support of the teaching, learning, and research and outreach goals of The Women University Multan.
  • The  institute of Computer Science and Information Technology is committed to achieving its objectives through:
  • Educating female students in the emerging fields of Computer Science and information technology to keep pace with the rest of world.
  • Providing leadership and awareness on the impacts, resource utilization, and feasibility of technology implementations.
  • Partnering with students, peer institutions, industry groups and vendors to ensure the technological goals of the university are realized.
  • Providing knowledge solutions of the utmost quality, stability and reliability.
  • Provide technology-focused education and enhance computing experiences.
  • Provide a reliable, efficient, friendly and easily-accessible organization for information technology support and guidance.
  • Educating how to use technology, where technology is useful.

BS(CS) PROGRAM Credit Hours = 132

BS(IT) PROGRAM Credit Hours  = 132
MCS PROGRAM Credit Hours     = 135
MIT PROGRAM Credit Hours       = 72



Sr. # Name Designation Qualification
1 Ms. Khadija Kanwal Assistant Professor MS (CS)
2 Ms. Fariha Zulfiqar Lecturer MS (EM)
3 Ms. Tanzeela Kousar Lecturer MS (CS)
4 Ms. Meherwar Fatima Lecturer MS (IT)
5 Ms. Aiza Shabir Lecturer MS (CS)
6 Ms. Hamida Ilyas Lecturer MCS
7 Ms. Aqsa Jameel Lecturer M.Sc. (Telecommunication)
8 Ms. Afshan Almas Lecturer BS (CS)
9 Ms. Sehrish Raza Lecturer B.Sc. (Computer System Engineering)