Department of Education

Department of Education


The department of Education was established in 2005, with the major purpose to produce well-disciplined teachers and to maximize their leadership potential at the end of completion of Degree/Course. BS Education 4-year Program was started in 2010.


  • BS Education—- (4Years)
  • MA                       (2 Years)
  • Phil                      (2 Years)


The Progress and development of any country majorly depends
upon its educational institutions. This particular subject has unique
importance in all formats of the study. This subject is very important
as it focuses on new teaching methodologies and thus provides the
students with latest teaching techniques. Therefore, it becomes a
mandatory requirement for any subject to be taught.


  • Students should be able to demonstrate Professional qualities, Personal confidence and awareness of classroom management practices.
  • Able to encourage values of respect and honesty in engaging with the views of others in discussion, in selected major and minor areas of study.
  • Able to possess a practical application of theory and the ability to work in   team.
  • Able to develop strong communication skills and critical awareness thinking, Analysis, Interpretation, Problem Solving, Self-direction and management.


BS Education                            Credit Hours=133

Duration                                    4 Years

M.A Education

Credit Hours: 60

Note: Each student will have to opt one area of specialization out of specialization/ Research Thesis.

M.Phil Education

Credit Hours: 30


Sr.No Name Designation Qualification Status
01 Mrs.Samina Akhtar Assistant Professor


M.Phil Education Permanent
02 Mrs.Khalida Yasmin Associate Professor M.A Education Deputation
03 Mrs.Imrana Tarin Associate Professor M.A Education Deputation
04 Dr. Hina Munir Assistant Professor Ph.D in Education Permanent
05 Dr.Shaziah Jamil Lecturer Ph.D in Education Contract
06 Miss Amna Saleem Lecturer M.Phil Education Permanent
07 Mrs.Kiran Khadim Lecturer M.A Education Permanent