Department of English

Department of English


The Department of  English at former Govt. Degree college for women Multan had been established in 1986 and ever since it has been quenching the thirst of female students of the southern Punjab. The Department claims of not only competing in results of Bahauddin Zakaria University Multan as well as all the other Post Graduate colleges in the region. It has produced a number of alumni who are working at different national and international organizations. In 2010 the B.S program was launched to cope with the requirements of international standards


  • BS (4 years)
  • MA (2 years)  (Also Evening)
  • MPhil(2 years)
  • PhD (4 years)


More and more people are choosing to study

English all the time as its international importance in every field of life is becoming increasingly apparent. Our English courses offer the opportunity to practice language inside as well as outside the classroom. We offer a variety of courses for students of all levels and people belonging to different walks of life. No matter what your language goal is we can help you achieve this through the courses ranging from 10 weeks to 12 months. You can brush up your skills through integration of technology and latest methodologies. We can give you the confidence and skills you need to communicate effectively in English.

Nowadays English has a special and predominant role in the communicative sphere of the world. It has also a special identity in the field of education. The English language teaching has four objectives to develop four skills: (i)  Reading, (ii)  Writing, (iii)  Speaking and (iv) Listening.

The following are the main objectives of teaching English at our university.

1. To develop knowledge and understanding of Grammar.
2. To develop abilities to make use of the grammar in own writing English.

3. To motivate students for more studying English language.
2. To encourage for composing poems and writing essay.
3. To develop the ability for grasping the theme of poem or English passage.


BS English                          Credit Hours=133

Duration                               4 years


M.A                                              Credits=66

Duration                                       2 years

MPhil Program

  • Credit Hours: 30

PhD Program

  • Credit Hours: 36


Weekly: 3 days

The Department of English in WUM offers following programs in evening sessions spoken English Courses.






Duration: 2 ½ months


Main Focus on Listening and speaking skills:


  • British and American Accent differences
  • General Topics  for discussions
  • Real Life listening and speaking situations


Teaching/trainer kit

  • A.V aids
  • Books and materials


ESP (English for specific purposes)

Duration: 10 weeks





PGD in ELT aims to provide students with new insights into language teaching, providing a deeper understanding of the principles and practice of English language teaching. It is a program designed to give you the skills and confidence you to teach English as a foreign language.

Credit hours = 30

Duration = 1 Year (2 Semesters)


Sr # NAME Designation Qualification Status
1.          Khalida Imtiaz Professor M.A Chairperson
2.          Izzet Qaseem Associate Professor M.A Deputation
3.          Farkhanda Tauqeer Associate Professor M.Phil. Deputation
4.          Munazza Asghar Associate Professor M.A Deputation
5.          Khaula Pervaiz Associate Professor M.A Deputation
6.          Dr. Asmat Ara Associate Professor Ph.D. Deputation
7.          Kausar Parveen Associate Professor M.A Deputation
8.          Nausheen Salman Associate Professor M.Phil. Deputation
9.          Hasna Tariq Associate Professor M.Phil. Deputation
10.        Mamona Yasmeen Khan Assistant Professor M.Phil. Permanent
11.        Sarwat Jabeen Assistant Professor M.Phil. Permanent
12.        Munazzah Rabbani Assistant Professor M.Phil. Permanent
13.        Iram Imtiaz Ishfaq Assistant Professor M.Phil. Deputation
14.        Rabia Nasira Assistant Professor M.A Deputation
15.        Bushra Nuzhat Assistant Professor M.Phil. Deputation
16.        Rabia Tasneem Assistant Professor M.A Deputation
17.        Afia Khizar Assistant Professor M.A Deputation
18.        Almas Tasleem Lecturer M.Phil. Deputation
19.        Amna Ehsan Lecturer M.Phil. Deputation
20.        Rabia Atif Lecturer M.A Deputation
21.        Nazia Kalsoom Lecturer M.Phil. Deputation
22.        Shumaila Iqbal Lecturer M.Phil. Deputation
23.        Fozia Nisar Lecturer M.Phil. Deputation
24.        Saman Nasir Lecturer M.A Deputation
25.        Haniya Munir Lecturer M.Phil. Permanent
26.        Munaza Noor Lecturer M.Phil. Permanent
27.        Alia Habib Lecturer M.A Permanent
28.        Sara Shahbaz Lecturer M.Phil. Permanent
29.        Dr. Masroor Sibtain Associate Professor Ph.D. Visiting Faculty
30.        Dr. Naveed Ahmed Associate Professor Ph.D. Visiting Faculty