Department of History & Pak Studies

Department of History & Pak Studies


“Only through the accumulated experience & knowledge of yesterday, we can understand and face the trials of today, and prepare ourselves for a better tomorrow, a day where we can do more, feel better and cherish the gift of life for longer”

The department of History was established in 1947 and this is one of the leading departments of Arts & Humanities in former G.C.W Multan at intermediate and Degree level. It has been offering post graduates classes in History since 2005 and initiated
BS (4-year) in the year 2010.Now it’s a great honor for us to redesign our department and programs under the shelter of The Women University, Multan with new mission and objectives.

Importance of the Subject: Before human kind can begin to build future, it is imperative to first learn the lessons of the past. For only with the collective knowledge of what has gone by, we can base our plans for a solid future. History is a symbol of previous learning, of which we once were, helping us to understand who we are today.


  • BS (4 years) ———–(Also Distance Learning Program)
  • MA (2 years) ———–(Also Distance learning Program)
  • MPhil (2 years)——- (Also Distance Learning Program)
  • PhD (4 years) ———(Also Distance Learning Program)

M.A (2-years) Semester System


  • The M.A and BS in History & Pakistan studies are a

rigorous program and exploring various dimensions.

  • It provides students with update, critical, analytical and methodological knowledge.
  • It also encourages historically informed approaches to civilization religion, culture, freedom movements and political thoughts to current policies.
  • Courses, seminars and research projects in the department cluster around the interesting themes of institutions, history and movements; global world and transnational history of individual regions, the Arabs, the Americas, Europe, Middle East, North Africa, East and South Asia.


  • Produce high quality professionals committed to pursuit of excellence and are endowed with vision, courage and dedication.
  • Improve academic standard in the region.
  • To familiarize students with emerging trends in the disciplines with the past examples. That would enable students to make a significant contribution in the future.
  • Students are capable of making significant contribution in the area of education, politics, nation building and to compete in different fields of civil, army and foreign services.
  • Main purpose of each program is to prepare students have a deep knowledge of the subject as well as ability to analyze any given situation and draw out conclusions.
  • The graduates passed under these programs should have a sound knowledge of the subject. For this purpose intensive and extensive programs also designed.
  • Along with the knowledge of the subject they should also have a broader view of other disciplines of social sciences, languages and as well as natural sciences. It will enable the students to interact with other branches of knowledge and strengthen their understanding of the society and world as well.
  • Students are to be equipped with essential tools and techniques of research. It will enable them to handle any issue and suggest its possible solutions.

Students are to be empowered, establish and develop a viable and forceful link between theory, concepts and practice in the field for its proper implementation and utilization by the students, scholars, policy makers and planners.
BS PROGRAM                                                           

B.S History                              Credit Hours=132


Duration                                 4 Years

E.H.Carn defined that “it is an unending dialogue between the past and the present”. It traces the whole story of man as well as of his progress in civilization, a culture from the dim past up to the present day. It indicates his failures and his successes. It gives an account of the significant developments that took place in the past with reference to the countries and the men and women who played a noteworthy part.

The importance of history is in its capacity to help one to draw conclusions from the past events. It may be said that history is to the human race, what memory is to each man. It sheds the light of the past upon the present, thus helping one to understand oneself, by making one acquainted with other peoples. Also as one studies the rise and fall of empires and civilizations, the lessons of the past help one to avoid the pitfalls of the present.
It preserves the traditions and cultural values of a nation, and serves as a beacon light, guiding society in confronting various crises. History is indeed as Allen Nerins puts it, “a bridge connecting the past with the present and pointing the road to the future.”


MA PROGRAM                                                               

  • M.A History                                 Credit Hours=72
  • Duration                                      2 Years

M.Phil History & Pakistan Studies

  • Credit Hours: 30

Ph.D History & Pakistan Studies

  • Credit Hours: 36



Sr. # Name Designation Status
1 Prof. Dr. Asmat Naz Professor/Ph.D Permanent /Deputation
2 Prof. Dr. Abdul Rashid Khan Professor/Ph.D Contract
3 Ms Naghma Parveen Associate Professor/M.Phil and Ph.D thesis submitted Permanent /Deputation
4 Mrs. Mubina Nargis Assistant Professor/M.Phil and Ph.D continue Permanent /Deputation
5 Ms Sumaira Mehboob Lecturer/M.Phil and Ph.D continue Permanent
6 Ms Fatima Ali Lecturer/M.Phil and Ph.D continue Permanent
7 Ms Iqra Ashraf Lecturer/M.Phil continue Permanent
8 Mrs. Farhat Mazher Associate Professor/M.A Visiting Teacher
9 Mrs. Farkhanda Samee Associate Professor/M.A Visiting Teacher
10 Ms Attiya Khanum Lecturer/M.Phil and Ph.D thesis submitted Visiting Teacher
11 Ms Rabia Mohsin Research Scholar/M.Phil Contract
12 Ms Fadia Rahim Internee/M.SC Internship