Department of Islamic Studies and Comparative Religions

Department of Islamic Studies and Comparative Religions


The BS-ISLAMIC STUDIES started in September 2010 under the administration of Mrs. Qudsia Khakwani M.Phil Islamic Studies (Head of the department of Islamic Studies since 2004). With the development of Women university Multan the department now hold the status of “ISLAMIC STUDIES AND COMPARATIVE RELIGIONS”. The department holds its distinction being versatile in the day to day life of each human being as a Muslim. Since the inauguration of the BS- 4 years program in the discipline of Islamic studies it has established its worth among the applicants. A good merit policy is maintained with a dedicated faculty


  • BS (4 years)
  • MA (2 Years)
  • MPhil (2 Years)


The program for the BS degree in Islamic Studies is designed primarily for students desiring to prepare for an academic career. It may, however, be found useful for students seeking a general education and whose career will be aided by a knowledge of the people, languages, and institutions. Such a career might be centered on teaching, research, business, engineering, journalism, librarianship, or government service.

Most individuals who complete a bachelor’s degree program in Islamic studies continue on to a related graduate degree program. However, there are career options available to graduates, such as:

  • · Business consultant
  • · Researcher
  • · Imamate
  • · Journalist
  • · Political advisor


Pakistan is an ideological state. The foundation for the creation of the country was to establish and develop a state where the Muslim Ummah has the complete liberty to practice Islamic culture and norms with full vigor. A Muslim may be recognized as such and should be with a personality cherished by the non Muslims. Pakistan resolution has been a core guideline for the formulation of the constitution of Pakistan. In which the state has been declared as MUMLAKAT-i-KHUDADAD and supreme power resting in the Almighty Allah. For which it is mandatory to acquire the in depth Islamic perception of Quran and Sunnah, Seerah and Fiqh with practical promulgation of the Islamic culture. In the same scenario it is vital to have the profound perception of the “Qutab-i-Samavia” prior to the revelation of Quran-i-Majeed. The daughters of Pakistan deserve the precedence to flourish in Uloom-i-Islam. They are the future mothers and character builders of a nation.


  • BS Islamic Studies              Credit Hours=130
  • Duration                               4 years

MA Program

  • Credit Hours:72

MPhil Program

  • Credit Hours: 30


Sr.# Name of Teaching Faculty Designation Status
01 Mrs. Qudsia Khakwani Professor/Chairperson Deputation
02 Mrs. Farhat Altaf Associate Professor Deputation
03 Mrs. Mehmooda Irfan Wyne Associate Professor Deputation
04 Mrs. Shehla Muzaffer Associate Professor Deputation
05 Mrs. Farkhanda Ikram Associate Professor Deputation
06 Mrs. Shahana Tabassum Associate Professor Deputation
07 Miss. Nubla Khakwani Assistant Professor Deputation
08 Mrs. Misbah Fatima Lecturer Deputation
09 Dr. Kalsoom Paracha Assistant Professor Regular
10 Mrs. Sabiha Abdul Quddus Lecturer Regular
11 Mrs. Ruqia Bano Lecturer Regular
12 Mrs. Sumera Safder Lecturer Regular
13 Ms. Amna Shad Qaria (BPS-09) Regular
13 Dr. Muhammad Akram Rana Professor (Retd.) Contract
14 Miss. Fizza Maqbool Research Scholar Contract
15 Dr. Muhammad Idrees Lodhi Professor Visiting