Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics


Women University has going to start BS mathematics (4 years) program this year. In mathematics there is a growing sense of excitement and anticipation as teachers, students and parents discover the wonder of mathematics through applications. Mathematics is a rigorous, academic mathematics curriculum. Developed as a means to make mathematics accessible to all students. Mathematics is one of a growing number of curricula having a significant applications focus which is based on a holistic understanding of the learning process and provides an approach to learning that makes sense to a great many students. The Mathematics curriculum focuses specifically on the relationship between given skills or aspects of knowledge and the contexts in which people use them. An application relates the theoretical to the practical and connects the abstract to the concrete. They tie what students already know and their sense of the real world to what they are about to learn. This helps give students a sense of how they might use what they are learning.


  • BS (2 Years)
  • MSc (2 Years)


BS 4-year program is in parallel to those of Bachelor of Medicine, Engineering and Bachelor of Agriculture where top class students of intermediate class get admission after a thorough scrutiny. This program is focused to develop the linkage between the local and foreign institutions, encouraging long term sustainable scientific collaborations. The long term goal is to up lift the programs in the national educational institutions and bring them as per with the international standard.


  • The BS scheme of studies aims to establish the base for lifelong education by creating essential concepts and equipping the student with necessary techniques, needed to start a career of research, development, teaching or financial applications involving mathematics. In other disciplines, like, economics, life sciences, a similar route is followed to transform the abstract formulae and equations developed by a pure mathematician to live and vibrating applications in everyday world.
  • The training of mathematicians should inculcate creative thinking and make them capable to critically analyze a problem. Problem solving in the classroom should prepare them to problem solving in the laboratories, and, eventually, problem solving in the industry.
  •  After completing the BS program, the students should:
  1. Be able to experience mathematics.
  2. Appreciate importance of mathematics and visualize its applications in every walk of life.
  3. Understand and use the basic structures applicable in modern sciences.


  • BS Mathematics                                 Credit Hours=142
  • Duration                                                     4 Years


  • Credit Hours=72



Sr. No. Name Designation Qualification Status
1. Mrs. Farzana Parveen Associate Professor M.Sc Math Deputation
2. Dr. Qammar Rubbab Assistant Professor Ph.D Math Regular
3. Mrs. Kiran Batool Assistant Professor Ph.D Research work in progress Regular
4. Mrs. Rafia Waqar Assistant Professor Ph.D Research work in progress Regular
5. Mrs. Saima Zainab Lecturer Ph.D Resarch work in progress Regular
6. Ms. Zill-E-Shams Lecturer Ph.D course work in progress. Regular
7. Mrs. Rafia Bashir Lecturer M.Phil Regular
8. Mrs. Jawahira Zohra Lecturer M.Phil Contract