Department of Sociology

Department of Sociology


Sociology is a social science. All social sciences deal with society but Sociology is the only one which studies all aspects of society and human life. Sociology in its institution has been studied since 1976 in B.A and Inter classes. Thousands of students have studied and now working in different fields of society.


  • BS (4 Years) ————- Credit Hours=130
  • MSC (2 Years) ———- Credit Hours=66


Importance of sociology is increasing day by day. It is being

introduced in every walk of life, both as a subject and as a

career. Due to the social change in societies, people are facing different social problems. Sociologists are very helpful to solve problems with research and planning.


The course is designed to introduce the students with sociological concepts and the discipline. The focus of the course shall be on significant concepts like social systems and structures, socio-economic changes and social processes. The course will provide due foundation for studies in the field of sociology.


Sr. No. Name Designation Qualification Status
1. Farhat Zafar Alam Associate  Professor M.Phil  (Ph.D Scholar) Regular
2. Aisha Khan Assistant Professor M.Phil Regular
3. Aqsa Qandeel Lecturer MS.c (M.Phil Continue) Regular
4. Sara Amin Lecturer MS.c (M.Phil Continue) Regular
5. Amna Mustaq Lecturer M.Phil  (Ph.D Scholar) Regular
6. Saima Munir Lecturer M.Phil Regular