Department of Urdu

Department of Urdu



In 1947 Urdu Department was established in Govt. College for Women Katchury Road Multan.  Post graduate classes in Urdu were initiated in the year 2005 and BS-4 years Honors in Urdu in the year 2010. It is high time that department of Urdu may be reengineered and redesigned under The Women University of Multan to provide high quality of education to the female students of this area.

  • BS (4 years)
  • MA (2 years)
  • Phil (2 years)
  • PhD (4 years)


The M.Phil, M.A and BS in Urdu are part of a multidimensional program. They provide students with comprehensive knowledge in various subjects. Students will get the opportunity to engage themselves in meaningful discussions and share their views on a variety of topics. Courses, seminars and research projects in the department are based around various subjects ranging from grammar all the way to latest literature.


  • Provide an opportunity for the female students of this area to acquire high quality education in Urdu literature.
  • Preservation of ancient cultural heritage of Multan by encouraging high quality research.
  • Development of practical skill and knowledge to meet the global challenges.
  • To enable the students to develop a sense of national identity and collective consciousness.
  • To enable the students to bridge the gap between social sciences and natural sciences.
  • Generate a heightened level of interest in the Urdu Language.
  • To enable our students to take advantage of the opportunities provided to them through our curriculum.
  • Help mold the future generation of Urdu graduates into model citizens for the betterment of Pakistan.

BS PROGRAM                                              

  •  BS Urdu                                  Credit Hours=136  

 Duration                                 4 Years


  • M.A Urdu                                Credit Hours=66
  • Duration                                  2 Year


  • M.Phil Urdu                           Credit Hours=30
  • Duration                                 2 Years


  • Credit Hours=36


Sr. No Name Designation Qualification Status
1 Prof. Naghma Shahbaz Chairperson M.A Urdu (BZU) Deputation
2 Mrs. Nighat Iftikhar Associate Professor M.A Urdu(BZU) Gold Medalist Deputation
3 Mrs. Fouzia Naimat Associate Professor M.A Urdu(BZU) Gold Medalist Deputation
4 Mrs. Yasmin Yasin Associate Professor M.A Urdu (Islamia University Bahawalpur) Gold Medalist Deputation
5 Ms. Rukhsana Leghari Associate Professor B.Ed, M.A Urdu (BZU) Deputation
6 Ms. Tasnim Qureshi Assistant Professor B.Ed, M.A Urdu (BZU),
M.Phil Urdu( AIOU)
7 Ms. Sara Majeed Lecturer B.Ed, M.A Urdu(Gold Medalist) BZU Permanent
8 Dr. Shahida Rasool Lecturer M.A Urdu (BZU) (Gold Medalist), M.Phil(BZU)

Ph.D (Islamic International University Islamabad

9 Dr. Azra Liaqat Lecturer Ph.D Urdu (BZU) Permanent
10 Dr. Arshad Khanum Associate Professor (Rtd) Ph.D Urdu (BZU) Contract
11 Dr. Shagufta Hussain Professor of Emeritus Ph.D Urdu (BZU) Contract
12 Dr. Ismat Jameel Professor (Rtd) Ph.D (BZU) Contract