Department of Zoology

Department of Zoology


This department is located in the Biology Building. BS 4-year, M.Sc., M.Phil degree programs in the subject of Zoology is being offered. The study tours are also organized for the students to collect fauna from different areas of Pakistan as a requirement of their studies. The department has established a museum and an animal house for study and research purpose. Environmental Biology, Fisheries, Wildlife, Limnology, Entomology, Ornithology and Parasitology are the main fields of research. The students completing studies from this department will have an awareness of the animal diversity, strategies to increase meat (fish and live stock), milk and wool production, recent parasitic and pest control programs, Sericulture and Honey Bee Farming. Zoology as a subject is multidisciplinary in nature, involving study of organisms and their genetic, morphological and physiological attributes their surrounding environment, and their role in conversation of environment. Zoology is a combination of various disciplines such as Genetics, Physiology, Ecology, Developmental Biology, Microbiology, Parasitology, Entomology, Freshwater Biology, Fisheries, and Wildlife etc. This subject has significant role in human resources development, food security, environmental conservation, sustainable development and ultimately in alleviation of poverty.


  • BS                (4-years) Semester System
  • M.Sc             (2-years) Semester System
  • MS/M.Phil    (2-years) Semester System
  • PhD              (3-5 years)


After completing the course candidates can either opt for higher studies or they can search for jobs. There are numerous higher study options for the graduates’ .Graduates in Zoology can also find various job opportunities. They are of high demand in many organizations both in Pakistan and abroad. A lot of zoology study today, centers around the relationship of animals to ecology and the environment. So the scope would involve ecology, animal care, vet medicine, zoo keeping, teaching and research.

  • To enable students to acquire knowledge base of facts about biological diversity of animals including analysis at the level of genera, cells, organs, individuals, interactions of individuals, population and ecosystems and skills for better planning, protection and management of resources, environment, health, agriculture and live stock in the country.
  • It aims to prepare the students for identifying, developing and focusing on a thorough knowledge of a specific research topic dealing with one or more of the following areas: genetics, developmental biology, physiology, genetics, entomology, Parasitology, microbiology and Molecular biology etc.


  • BS Zoology   Credit Hours=133   Duration                                  4 Years


MS/M.Phil Zoology         Credit Hours=30 (Course work=24 and Research work=06) Duration :  2 Years

PhD Zoology  :           Credit Hours=24(Course work=18 and Research work=06)


  1. Human Genetics
  2. Cancer Biology
  3. Microbiology
  4. Molecular Biology
  5. Biochemistry
  6. Endocrinology
  7. Reproductive Physiology
  8. Cell Biology & Biochemistry
  9. Neuro Endocrinology & Reproductive Physiology


Sr # Name Designation Qualification Status
1 Dr. Asia Bibi Chairperson, Assistant Professor PhD Regular
2 Mrs. Shaheen Taj Professor (Rtd.) MSc Contract (WUM)
3 Dr. Nahid Kausar Professor (Rtd.) PhD Contract (WUM)
4 Dr. Mamoona Noreen Assistant Professor PhD Regular
5 Dr. Shazia Perveen Assistant Professor PhD Regular
6 Dr. Uzma Maqbool Post Doctorate Fellowship PhD Contract (WUM)
7 Dr. Tehmina Siddique Assistant Professor PhD Contract (WUM)
8 Dr. Faiza Rao Assistant Professor PhD Contract (IPFP)
9 Mrs. Ambreen Rana Assistant Professor MSc Regular (Deputation)
10 Ms. Sadia Shahnawaz Lecturer M.Phil Regular
11 Ms. Nazia Haider Lecturer M.Phil Regular (Deputation)
12 Ms. Madiha Rasool Lecturer BS Regular
13 Ms. Madiha Fatima Lecturer M.Phil Regular
14 Ms. Hira Muqaddas Lecturer M.Phil Regular
15 Ms. Saima Mustafa Research Scholar M.Phil Contract (WUM)